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NicolleteDr. Res is most passionate about Wellness and Performance both in his personal and professional life. He thoroughly enjoys and feels gratified relieving pain in patients. However he would like all his patients, family and friends to go beyond just feeling good (which is a symptom that can change at a moments notice) and actually be well. Beyond well, we have excellence in athletic performance whether it be golfing or running an ultra-marathon (a distance usually way beyond the common marathon at 26.2 miles).

To feel good is not enough. To be able to run a marathon is still not enough. Having common bloodwork (CBC) that says everything is in the normal range just tells you that you’re not in medical jeopardy but does not guarantee you will not have a heart attack or stroke tomorrow.

Everyone should invest in their health now! Procrastination is the enemy and you may not have that choice when devastating illness strikes. Think about it. We invest so much money in cars and homes and their maintenance but most of us barely do anything to our bodies except take pills to ensure survival. Dr. Res says:

Health is earned every day of our lives. What have YOU done today?

The 3 basic key ingredients of health are as follows:

  • Moving Well (exercise daily)
  • Thinking Well (positive attitude that supersedes negativity even in difficult situations)
  • Eating Well (feeding the body what it needs to sustain, recover and excel)

Dr. Res believes that when you pay into Medicare or Blue Cross and Blue Shields premiums and any other health insurance, you receive sick care benefits. Health care comes when you, the individual, seeks out a health coach like himself to guide in a journey of enrichment and betterment that not only prolongs life but improves quality of life.

It is not the years in your life that count but the life in your years.

Furthermore, Dr. Res believes that people are sicker than ever, despite the fact they are dying later and often times sees that his progress in physical therapy and chiropractic are limited by nutritional deficiencies. He feels that he is only a facilitator in the healing process and that healing comes from within and is frequently compromised by a poor nutritional state.

Therefore he encourages people to supplement with WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS and not synthetic products which have limited value.
At Active Lifestyles, we use Standard Process® Supplements ( and its sister company Medi-herb for all nutritional needs for his patients.

We can begin your journey with us and with Dr. Res as your health coach by filling in the nutritional packet and returning it to us or simply faxing it to 772-539-8515. We will then schedule an appointment (772-978-7379).

Nutritional Evaluation Forms Packet

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